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One owner collection of lobby cards

To those of us that collect, it’s always fascinating to see someone else’s collection. There are no rights or wrongs to what we choose to accumulate over time. Some people derive pleasure from creating a structure with the pieces they buy, filling in gaps as they go to paint a picture of a genre, a director or film franchise like Bond or Star Wars. Others are more like magpies, picking up a smorgasbord of seemingly unrelated posters each of which strike a chord with them for personal reasons, painting a more personal picture of their own life and tastes. We’re all different and therein lies the interest. Today we have a small but eclectic group, covering Hitchcock classics, James Bond and Cary Grant screwball comedies from the 30’s and 40’s – all from the same owner.

When the time comes to sell, we think it makes sense to put these collections, large or small, into the showcase section on our website because they deserve to be seen together. Sometimes, I’ve just bought them all as a job lot or often they’ve come to me on consignment, as in this case. Consignment sellers pay nothing to have their posters listed, can withdraw them at any time and only pay 20% of the price achieved when they sell, compared to typical combined buyer and seller fees of 45% at auction. So, if you’re thinking of selling, do get in touch. It’s a great way to sell.

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