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On January 22nd 1879 the British Army suffered one of its worst defeats when Zulu forces massacred 1,500 of its troops at Isandlhwana. A short time after the main battle a Zulu force numbering in excess of 4000 advanced on a British hospital guarded by 139 Welsh infantrymen. The film concentrates on this bloody 12 hour battle during which the British force won 11 Victoria Crosses. This poster is a rare country of origin UK quad from the first release in 1964, linen backed in excellent condition. Such was the demand for this film when it was first released, there were two printings of the poster. This is from the second print run by Kent art printers of Rochester, the first printing was by S&D,S. Text and layout were identical but there were colour differences with more red on the warrior figures and less yellow in the background in the second run.
Zulu - Features
Nominal SizeUK quad 40"x30"
GradeFine on linen
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