Valley Obscured by Clouds

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Pink Floyd wrote the soundtrack for this French film (La Vallee), released it as 'Obscured by Clouds', in which Barbet Schroeder explores themes of sexual freedom, mind alteration, and pursuit of paradise against the backdrop of an early 70's encounter with the Mapuga rain forest tribe in upland New Guinea (in a valley that is obscured by clouds). This poster is something of a curiosity - it was printed for the New York premier in a single cinema. The British promoter wanted to use the UK quad format (landscape style) rather than the standard US one sheet format (portrait style) but, with only one cinema to promote, the print run was primarily just used for 'wilding' (bill posting) around town. Rolled in Fine condition (with minor edge wear that will not show when framed).
Valley Obscured by Clouds - Features
Nominal SizeUK quad 40"x30"