Travel, advertising and other non-movie posters

Sometimes we get hold of great posters that aren’t actually movie posters (yes, they do exist) and movie related items that aren’t posters – like records, T-shirts and jigsaws. So this is the section that we put them in. Travel posters, consumer advertising, music and event posters and even war propaganda. It’s all here together with anything else that I think you might like.

Aside from advertising movies, posters have been used for well over a hundred years to reach the general public in every walk of life to inform, warn, inspire and, most commonly, to sell to us. They’re an intrinsic and enduring part of popular culture that help us to live the life that we lead. Here are a few that would look amazing on your walls.

This kind of popular ephemera is increasingly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts, and the Simon Dwyer website offers a vast collection of original posters from the 1920s to the present day. These posters are not reproductions but are the original posters that were used to promote these films when they were showing at the cinema. Each poster features distinctive designs, vivid colors, and intricate illustrations that capture the essence of the film and take us back to a different time.

With the convenience of reserving posters online and worldwide shipping, it's now easier than ever to own a piece of history. The process of reserving a poster on the Simon Dwyer website is straightforward and easy. Visitors to the site can browse the collection, and once they have found a poster they wish to purchase, they can reserve it online. We’ll then send you an invoice with your payment options. Worldwide shipping is available, and each poster is carefully packaged to ensure it arrives in excellent condition. Collectors and enthusiasts can be confident that they are purchasing a genuine, original poster that will add value to their collection.

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