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"Kangaroo" was a landmark film for Australia - it was the first feature film in Technicolor produced by Hollywood in Australia. No expense was spared, it starred Maureen O'Hara and Peter Lawford in a tale of rural Australia as only the americans could imagine it to be. The result featured gigantic marauding marsupials and ferocious natives in warpaint. If the plot was flimsy, the posters were positively surreal, although it must be remembered that this was the USA in the early 50's - most Americans had no idea where Australia was, let alone what it was really like there. Posters in any format are rare for this film but this is a super rare 6-sheet from the first release. Folded in sections, as issued
Kangaroo - Features
Nominal SizeUS 6 sht 81"x81"
GradeVery Good